EXPOSED – baring all for better body image

I know this looks like I’m jumping on the bandwagon and maybe I am because damn, it’s a great wagon with some great people on board. That’s right, I’m joining the quasi-movement started by Mish at Eating Journey because I think we all need a body image boost sometimes.

I got the Boy to take the photo this morning in our hotel room in Wellington. I put on my bikini since I didn’t have anything else suitable (trust me, I’m not ready for a lingerie shot!) and I have to say, when I saw the photo, I suddenly wondered what the hell I was doing, putting a photo of myself up like this, for the world to see. I looked at the photo and initially, all I saw was the fat, the sag and the cellulite. And I was angry with myself for seeing that. I was annoyed with my mind for going there.

So, here I am. Sag, cellulite, stretchmarks and all. After all, this is me, this is who the Boy fell in love with, this is the body that has been through thick and thin with me, through depression, through homesickness, through sickness and through healthy times. It’s the body I cherish for all its quirks (why oh why did my ankle suddenly hurt this weekend I’ll never know) and it’s the body that’s going to take me through the rest of my life and damn, I’d better treat it well.


19 thoughts on “EXPOSED – baring all for better body image

    • Take a photo. Take a moment to sit down and come up with the good things. Even if you aren’t ready to blog about it, do it for yourself. It’s really empowering.

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      You know that it’s all in our own minds, this self-esteem and body image thing. The fat, the sag, the cellulite. It’s what we see but it’s important to remember that it’s not what everyone else sees.

  2. Oh my gosh! CUTEST. FIGURE. EVER! Seriously – you have a super cute figure – you’re waist is tiny! Sweet Pea, you are PRECIOUS! And I love that bikini! πŸ™‚

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