Zen and the art of productivity

This weekend I tried to combine my need for productivity with my attempt at slowing down and being more zen. It’s a weird combination for sure. I realise that this is not going to happen overnight but I’m an impatient person and I want to be zen NOW dammit! Oh, wait, that’s part of the problem, isn’t it?

So I set myself some big goals for the weekend:

  1. Replace the light in the bathroom above the mirror
  2. Buy an accordion file and file our bills away (instead of having them pile up on the counter)
  3. See the Christmas lights on Franklin Road with the Boy
  4. Go to my Writer’s Group meeting
  5. Buy new running shoes
  6. Go to the dressmaker to get my bridesmaid dress made for my brother’s wedding
  7. Get some exercise in somehow

I had the whole weekend to do it all and no more. I was going to enjoy the rest of the weekend. It’s tough working with 2 companies in 2 different time zones and throwing in another time zone there with one of the vendors I’m working with on behalf of one of the companies. It means that I have conference calls early with one company (including one on Saturday morning BAH) and then emails and calls with another later in the day because they’re behind us. My days are long and my weekend are one day really. I need to change that and make a bit of a schedule to give myself 2 days to relax, otherwise I end up working a lot more than I’d like. I know I really shouldn’t be complaining about too much work at this time when so many people are out of work but I need to balance things a little better.

So how did I go on my weekend list?

I did it all with time and energy to spare. The Boy and I walked for about 14 km (about 8.5 miles) on Saturday night, culminating in walking along Franklin road. The lights were pretty but the crowds were insane so we didn’t linger too long. I managed to jump rope a few times and I walked home from the Writer’s Group meeting (which was pathetically only 2 of us since everyone else bailed). I did everything else but most importantly, I enjoyed the weekend and didn’t stress out if I didn’t achieve what I wanted to entirely. I still did a fair bit but I’m not going to expect massive change immediately. Heck, I purposely DIDN’T do any work past the call on Saturday morning. That’s pretty good!

I’m not a fan of resolutions per se but I like to have goals (new year’s not withstanding) and I have a few percolating for 2010. 2009 was an insane year for change and excitement and I know 2010 is going to be more of the same really but there’s a lot I want to achieve and focus on. Goals post coming soon!

How do you spend your weekends? Are you productive or chilling out?


3 thoughts on “Zen and the art of productivity

  1. 2009 was major MAJOR change for me as well. I am so thankful that it’s over actually. I am moving out of my house, moving onto bigger and better things. I feel like 2010 is watching the dust settle and letting the sun shine in. WOO HOO!

    • As far as I know, I don’t have a newborn and a bunch of energetic boys to look after, so I’m devoid of your utter craziness! This was a quiet weekend actually (but it’s more me trying to fight the urge to reorganise everything and then getting annoyed at myself for not doing it!)

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