New year, new you

Happy new year! I’m still in shock that it’s already 2010 – we survived the dreaded Y2K, numerous terrorist attacks and natural disasters. I survived a decade filled with

  • Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne in 2000
  • Starting university
  • Falling into and climbing out of a depression
  • Finishing university and realising that my degree prepared me in no way for the world
  • Studying some more
  • Starting a career after many jobs (and no more retail anymore – yay!)
  • Travelling and making firm friends
  • Moving across the world from Melbourne to Toronto
  • Meeting the love of my life and getting engaged
  • Moving to New Zealand (well, I technically haven’t really survived that yet)

I don’t know about you but this has been an eventful decade and definitely an eventful year for me. In amongst all that stuff above, I also went from the least fit person in my group of friends – the one who avoided activities and promised to join a gym everytime we went hiking or walking or ANYTHING – to someone who craves exercise and activity in some way. Sure, I love my days like today – lazy sleep-ins and afternoon naps after lunch with the family – but most days I need something. I love being fitter and healthier. I love knowing that I have control over my food and my life because I’m armed with knowledge. If I choose to eat a chocolate (or two), I’ve consciously made the decision. When I have a bout of laziness and bad eating, I can figure out the reasons behind it and change my behaviour. I’m no longer stuck in a rut, in denial (which, by the way, is not only a river in Egypt, although one day I’d love to see that version) but at the same time, I have no real excuses. I know what needs to happen and I can do it so I should.

I’m avoiding resolutions because, well, they usually fail. But my goals for the year are specific, motivational, achievable, realistic and trackable, fitting into the SMART goal setting system:

  1. I want to complete a month of a training schedule of 5 hrs a week. It’s brutal but it’s only a month and I can do it.
  2. I want to complete the C25K training program by the middle of the year.
  3. I want to run a 5K race by the end of the year
  4. I want to EITHER lose 6 lbs and maintain it OR maintain my current weight in light of wedding planning and whatnot. I’m not trying to kill myself here – this year will be tough with 2 family weddings, including my own which requires planning and travelling etc.
  5. I want to cook at least one new dish a month and add it into the repetoire.

That’s it for the health plans – I think they’re pretty realistic. I have career and life plans but we’ll see if I post about those later.

I hope everyone had a great NYE, whatever you chose to do. Do you have any goals for the year? Care to share?


3 thoughts on “New year, new you

  1. Happy New Year,

    My main goal is to continue to lose weight.

    I also plan to participate in two stair climbing events: Master the Met and (the big one that I really want to do) Chicago SkyRise.

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