Pushing through the pain

Week one of 2010 and you know what, I’m doing okay.

I had a lovely two weeks at my folks’ place – 2 weeks which flew by. I intended to do a whole bunch of work while I was there and then decided that I deserved a vacation and damn it, I was going to relax. So I did. I ate yummy food (although not too much since my mother is on Operation Lose Weight She Doesn’t Have For My Brother’s Wedding) and I started C25k again and this time I WILL finish it.

I started on Sunday and the first run went something like this:

Interval 1: This is a breeze.
Interval 2: This is so easy, I could do longer runs. Maybe I should skip Week 1?
Interval 3: No, this is probably a good time to start with.
Interval 4: Definitely a good time.
Interval 5: Wow, this is actually pretty long
Interval 6: Seriously, this is long. Maybe the intervals get longer? No, no they don’t
Interval 7 and 8: Kill me now

This was repeated for Day 2 but considering I did Day 2 on a day of 30 degrees celcius (90 F) and I still ran, I was pretty impressed.

Today we flew back to Auckland and the morning was shot with getting to the airport and then we only arrived in at 5pm. By the time we got home and had dinner etc, it was already 8pm and I was tempted to put off the day’s run for tomorrow. I mean, it had been a long day and I ran on Sunday and Monday and I did resistance work on Tuesday and walked a TON on Wednesday. Surely I was due for a day off? But I didn’t take it. I waited for dinner to digest, I put on my workout clothes and out I went.

It was AWESOME. After the first interval, which was a challenge, I got into a rhythm and sincerely wished each interval was longer. I didn’t measure the route before I went out so I ended up having to walk home for a bit of a distance afterwards, but it was great. I got home and did a set of ab work as well and stretching.

This is the first day where I got home and thought, Yep, I can do this.

And I can.


5 thoughts on “Pushing through the pain

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  2. I just started C25K myself -an arm injury has me focusing on lower body work for 2 months. I will not say I’m becoming a runner. But I am embracing the program and entering my first running race in March.

    • I found myself looking at races last night but March MAY be a little soon for me – I was thinking more May but we’ll see how I go. It’s an exciting goal to have, especially for a former non-runner like myself!

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