Cooking up a storm

One of my Health Resolutions for this year is to cook at least one new dish every month. In reality, I’ll probably end up cooking more than that but I didn’t want to be unrealistic, especially with weddings and whatnot. I want to become more confident in the kitchen.

Growing up, my mother was always the Queen of the Kitchen. Every Friday night for Shabbat dinner, we would alternate between dinner at my aunts’, my gran and our house. Every week, they would try outdo the others, especially when it came to dessert. The tell-tale sign that the meal was a hit was when dessert was brought out to cries of “wow-wow-wow” from the crowd. And I mean the crowd – we were 17 people every week on average. Sometimes more, sometimes fewer, but the average cousins and partners added up to about 17 a week.

It was so delicious but the one thing about this was that the kitchen was my mother’s domain. She has this confidence with cooking where she’s comfortable enough to throw things into a pan and not worry too much. She puts so much effort into presentation and courses and as a result, I stayed away from the kitchen.

It took me a while to get some confidence. I started off by stocking the freezer with frozen meals and veggies. Very little fresh stuff. The frozen things were safer – less chance of screwing up. But then I grew up a bit more and got healthy and realised how bad some of the frozen meals were. Taking control of my health meant taking control of the kitchen.

I started slowly with grilled chicken and steamed veggies. My rice cooker was a godsend for rice and veggies. I ventured slowly into cooking fish and avoided red meat. I made easy soups but nothing complicated. I got bored often and ate a ton of sushi because there were about 5 sushi places round the corner from me.

Now I’m cooking for someone else and again, I’m growing up. I know that I’m capable of more experimenting in the kitchen. I have a brand new slow cooker to break in. I have a fantastic electric wok. I have a ton of great recipes to try and I’m excited.

I’ll be working on a new blog for the cooking stuff but I will post some things here too if anyone’s interested. Put your hand up if you’d like to see food stuff here too and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm

  1. once I started taking picture of my food, it made me try harder to be more creative if not with ingredients..but presentation.

    be gentle with this. it’s a slow evolution. HAVE FUN!

    • I’m already having fun with it – I cooked a meal for my folks while we were there and they loved it. But slowly slowly is the way to go, hence the goal of 1 new recipe a month, so I’m not putting pressure on myself to be creative all the time.

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