Anatomy of a perfect weekend

This weekend was our first weekend back in Auckland after spending two weeks with my family in Melbourne. When my MIL-to-be picked us up from the airport, she also supplied us with groceries including bread, milk, lamb chops, fruit and veggies. Very lovely of her, don’t you think?

By the time we got home on Thursday night, I was in no mood to cook, so we got a yummy pizza instead. I also got a salad to negate some of the pizza and it was truly yummy. Since we didn’t use the lamb on Thursday, I made lamb chops with Moroccan seasoning with couscous for dinner on Friday. I could have used a bit more seasoning (I tend to either under- or over-season!) but with a little Nando’s Perinaise on the side, it was very yummy.

Saturday was technically an exercise rest day, according to the training schedule I have, but I was super energetic and it was too nice a day to sit inside. Seriously, the sun was out, there was a bit of a breeze – perfect running weather. BUT! I was determined not to go crazy and injure myself like I did the last time I started the C25k program and I made myself use the rest day and not run. Instead, I went for a lovely walk around our area and kept it brisk enough to get my heart rate up a bit but not too crazy. It was awesome.

In the afternoon, we headed to Didas, a great little tapas bar nearby and met up with one of the Boy’s friends. Now, bear in mind that I’d had a late sleep in and although I made a delicious breakfast (scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach), I hadn’t eaten a lot for lunch and I’d walked a fair bit in the heat of the day. With that in mind, do you think the glass of wine I had was a good idea?

Let’s just say that I felt hungover 2 hours later. From ONE glass of wine. Ridiculous I say! The Boy looked after me as I sat on the couch feeling very sad for myself. But even that wasn’t enough to dampen the perfection of the weekend.

Today started off with Day 1 of Week 2 of C25k. Again, I was a little dumb and I went out in the heat of the day, but I was determined to get the run in. And it was tough- the first two intervals are on a hill and adding the extra 30 seconds in made them a real challenge. I had to stop a couple of times after the running intervals to get the old heartrate down a bit so I didn’t feel like I was dying. But I did it. I got through it and I’ll get it done this week. I MAY have to repeat Week 2 instead of moving straight into Week 3 but I’m not worried. I know that by choosing this route, I’m probably making my life a little harder with the hills and I could find a flat track around the park and make it easier, but I’m kinda proud of myself for doing this and challenging myself. I would normally use this as an excuse not to run – and in fact this is what I did when I first moved here – or tell myself that it’s too hard but this time is different. I know even regular runners have tough runs and one tough run does not make all running tough. I can get through this and I will. And when it comes to the 5k race on a flat, I’ll power through it!

This afternoon we again caught up with a friend of the Boy’s and managed to confuse the server at the bar with our random orders – Friend had a coffee, the Boy had a mojito and I had a green tea. This was a bar where the server is obviously used to beer and wine orders – neither menu had coffee as an option and he had to go check to see if they stocked green tea. After Saturday’s wine incident, I was glad to stick to green tea thankyouverymuch!

To top it off, I had a lovely chat with Mish @eatingjourney – it’s so nice to chat to a fellow blogger, especially someone who gets it all! One thing I really want to do more of this year is connecting with bloggers – either via skype chats (I ❤ skype), email, or in person where possible. We have a great community and I want to strength the connection for myself. Let me know you’re interested!

I’m psyched for the week ahead. Work is insane and I’m a little anxious about the deadlines and whatnot but I know it’ll work out. The exercise front is brilliant and I have a fully stocked fridge with ingredients to cook all week. Monday, bring it on!


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