Crunch time for new goals

We’re beginning the third week of January. This is prime time for resolutions to start to falter. This is when the motivation we start the year with wears off. The initial weight loss is wearing off and your initial motivation and enthusiasm with your exercise regime is wearing off too. It’s also where real life starts intruding more and more – we’re almost all back at work after the holiday break, routine is drawing us back to reality and suddenly we don’t have time to focus on our new regime all the time.

This is when you should hear DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

(Sidenote: You know that I’ve never actually seen an episode of Lost in Space and yet I know all the pop culture references? Weird.)

I’m facing the exact same challenges. I had an easy few days into the new work year last week until the proverbial hit the fan and I’ve been on the go since Wednesday when I realised that my 2 weeks off over the break was not the best idea in the world. Sure, I deserved a break but I didn’t deserve the fallout and stress. Nonetheless, I’m getting back on top of things but my resolve to exercise everyday has taken a beating. My healthy eating ideas have taken a beating too because, really, after a long day staring at excel, my body craves a treat and a treat that I don’t have to think about or cook. So I’ve been snacking a little more. Luckily, we have fairly healthy things in the apartment so I’m fairly safe but still, my resolve is weakening.

So, I present to you some tips and please chime in with your own!

Change up your exercise

I know, it’s only 3 weeks in but if you’re bored, you’re unlikely to actually do any exercise. You should be challenging yourself so if you’re finding your regime too simple, change it up. Maybe it’s as simple as upping your weights or more like taking a new class at the gym or popping a different DVD into the player. Anything to make it interesting again.  I know that the 30 Day Shred is super popular and I’m thinking that next week may see it come out of hiding of me, but I’m thrilled that Zumba is back up at the gym so my Wednesday nights are set.

Stop boring yourself to tears with dinner

If you think that grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies is all you can eat, there’s no way you’ll stay on track. If you’re cutting out entire food groups, again, you’re unlikely to stay on track. Experiment. Show your taste buds that eating healthy can taste awesome. There are some great recipe sites online with super delicious healthy recipes that don’t take a ton of time. I found some delicious chicken recipes online today that I’m dying to try out. Healthy for sure, but definitely more interesting than grilled. Nothing wrong with grilled though, but it’s nice to have a change.

Stop being a hardass

This is a big one. Stop expecting to be perfect. You’d never judge anyone else like you judge yourself. So you need a night off cooking and you throw together some pasta ready-made from the supermarket. You need to eat, don’t you? One night of pasta is not the end of the world, regardless of what all the Atkins converts say. So you craved chocolate and ate a Snickers? Not the end of the world either. Life is not all-or-nothing, black and white. Life happens. If you slept really badly and are carrying a strain from work and need to be social instead of going for a run, it’s okay. The world is not going to end. Tomorrow you’ll get back on track but let go of the need to be perfect. Make this new regime part of your life and accept that sometimes life happens and get on with it.

I know that I haven’t eaten perfectly recently (that Snickers mention above may or may not be a personal anecdote) but I’m proud that I’m still doing the whole C25k thing (I’m repeating Week 2 at the moment because frankly, Week 3 scares the living daylights out of me right now) and I’m proud that I’m back to making the whole drinking-water thing a priority and getting some sleep at last (it’s amazing how well you sleep when you’re not baking yourself under a too-heavy-duvet). I’m making myself a priority for 2010 and sometimes that means sitting in front of the tv with The Boy, watching Clue (how did I go through life NOT having seen that?). Sometimes life just calls for a Snickers bar. And then tomorrow, I run again.

Any tips for getting through the Week 3 danger zone for goals and resolutions?


One thought on “Crunch time for new goals

  1. This is really good Gem! I’m guilty of the perfect thing – I had a perfect 6 days last week and then BAM! I went crazy. I need to let myself loosen up a bit.

    I’ve been trying to vary my workout routine because I get crazybored doing the same thing over and over. I’d like to take a yoga class this Thursday, but I need to get over the “it’s new and I’m scared” thing. It’s been YEARS (possibly even decades) since I took a group fitness class! But I really want to do it, so I may just have to make myself get over it.

    Your pretty wise for your age, you know that?! 🙂

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