A bright shiny new week

Last week was a tough week. My runs were tough. My workload was insane. I was stressed and tired and struggling. It was the week that wouldn’t end and I was tired all week.

I was supposed to work over the weekend but come Saturday morning after the conference call I had, I was burnt out. I needed my weekend. So I went to my bookclub meeting, I chilled on the couch with the Boy and then Sunday, we slept in, I went for a run and we went to the in-laws for dinner. Oh, and we bought a new pan since our old pan was no longer non-stick. It was a lovely relaxing weekend.

And this week is a bright shiny new week and it’s shaping up pretty well. I’ve been super productive (okay, it’s only Tuesday but still, work with me) and my runs? They have been awesome. I’m doing the whole C25k thing and last week was week 2. I struggled through every run and I don’t know if it was because it was TOM or it was hot and humid or I was just in a funk. But I struggled and the idea of week 3 scared the living daylights out of me. So I’ve been repeating week 2 and this has been brilliant.

Today’s run was a great one. I was able to get through the intervals without checking my iPhone for how long I had to go. Just before the last 90 second run interval, I somehow managed to end the workout on my C25k app, so I set the timer on my phone and ran for 2 minutes instead. True, it was downhill slightly, but I was able to run for 2 minutes and I’m not as scared of week 3 anymore.  I’m looking forward to my next run and moving onto week 3.

I am getting back into routine and loving it. I have a new pan, a new George Foreman grill (late engagement present FTW) and I’m loving running. What more could I ask for?


2 thoughts on “A bright shiny new week

    • My running love is only extending to short intervals tho. Not applicable to marathon or half marathon distances and love may vary depending on the weather 😛

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