Setting yourself up for success

I know I’ve mentioned this before (as in yesterday), but last week was not my friend. I was tired and wornout and stressed all week. I got through it but I didn’t set myself up for success last week. I wasn’t sleeping well which meant I was waking up tired and I was snacking a lot more and working longer hours without drinking as much water or taking as many breaks as I should have. I struggled through my runs, I fought the hermit instinct and had to force myself to be social.

On Sunday I had a number of epiphanies. It was a definite EUREKA day and I changed a few things this week. And this week? So far, we’re getting along just fine and dandy. What changed? Well, let’s look at last week’s issues.

1. I wasn’t sleeping well.

The weather has warmed up quite a bit in Auckland and while we’re not as hot as Australia at the moment, we’re still fairly warm and humid. We’ve been sleeping with the window open and throwing off the duvet but I tend to need to cover up my upper body when I sleep, which meant I was constantly covering up and then throwing off my duvet. I was hot then cold, then hot again.

I was going to go buy a thinner duvet on Sunday until I had the epiphany of sleeping with a sheet instead. This way, I can cover up AND be cool and comfortable at the same time. So this week I’ve slept so much better and I’ve been waking up feeling rested which means that I’m better equipped to deal with deadlines and the rest of the stress of the day.

2. I was snacking constantly

I got myself stuck on “this will take too long” and I was opting for easy breakfasts which weren’t filling me up. I KNOW that I need protein in the morning to keep me going. I KNOW that cereal by itself does not sustain me. I KNOW these things but I was still choosing cereal all week and then feeling famished at 10am, which led to snacking and snacking and then early dinner and more snacking.

This week I’ve set myself up for success by taking an extra few minutes in the morning to make a scrambled egg with mushrooms which sustains me all morning until about noon, which is lunch time in my world. So instead of 2 hours MAX of being nourished, I’m getting 4 hours out of one meal and a ton more productivity in the morning. With the deadlines I’ve had, being fueled up is so important.

This is how I set myself up for success this week. What do you do to set yourself up for success?


3 thoughts on “Setting yourself up for success

  1. I set myself up to succeed by reading positive material such as books and articles. I also love to listen to positive uplifting music to get my day going. Then through out the day I like to listen to positive motivational speakers to help weed out all the negatives the world likes to force on us.

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