Auckland Blogger meetup

So today I’m EXCITED!

I’m ignoring my HORRIBLE scale that’s lying to me about some silly thing like weight gain (which I know is not true because it’s not physically possible to gain that much overnight) but instead, I’m focusing on the excitement of the day:

We’re having a blogger meetup today! Today I get to meet Mary and Kepa and all the other Auckland bloggers. The weather is crappy but I’m not letting it dampen my excitement. I love meeting and talking to people I’ve met online. It’s weird – even though none of us have officially met, I feel like I know everyone. So it’s more like meeting old friends in some ways. But not. Weird.

In other news, my exercise this week has been ridiculous and not in a good way entirely. The weather has been yucky so I didn’t get a lot of running done and my resistance work has been pathetic because I’ve been swamped at work and lazy. But I have got a ton of ab and core work in instead so I’m not too disappointed.

What I AM prooud of it that this morning, I didn’t want to go for a run. It was (and still is) gloomy outside with drizzle on and off. But I knew I would feel good for it if I did. So I went. And I won’t pretend I loved every minute of it but I felt awesome for doing it. I had repeated week 2 of the C25k program because I wasn’t ready for week 3 and now I think I’m ready to move on. So tomorrow or Monday, we start on Week 3 so wish me luck!


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