Goals! Goals! Goals! (An update)

At the beginning of this month, I set myself some goals for the year. No, they weren’t new year’s resolutions because those often get broken in the first 3 days, if not sooner. Mainly because they’re all-encompassing and naive and never take everyday life into account.

But anyway, after a month, here’s where I stand on my goals.

  1. Exercise for at least 5 hours a week for one month – FAIL. This was one of those who-are-you-kidding goals. I tried to hit this one out of the park and while I managed it for 2 weeks, the last 2 weeks were a total fail. I’ve realised that I have to be more realistic about my time and motivation. New goal: Exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday. It’s less than the 5 hours and maybe I’ll end up making the 5 hours anyway, but it sounds more achievable to me.
  2. Complete The Couch 2 5k. PASS! I’m not complete yet (c’mon, it’s a 9 week program that I started at the beginning of the month) but I’m onto week 4 which is the furthest I’ve ever gotten with this program. Today, I completed Week 4, Day 1 and ran for 5 minutes at a stretch. I had to fight a ton of mental talk but I did it. And I’m oh so proud of myself.
  3. Cook one new recipe every month. PASS. I’ve really hit this one out of the park – so far this month I’ve tried 6 new recipes, so technically I’m in the clear until July but I’m forging on because I’m loving cooking. Seriously, I plan all day what I’m going to try that night and the last thing the Boy can complain about is boring meals. I’m loving how much more confidence I’m getting. I love that I tried quinoa the other day and I’m now addicted. I love that I now think of sauteing veggies as a basic meal item instead of a hassle. There are still many recipes out there that daunt me but I’m not afraid.

From tomorrow, I’m adding a new goal. To get more yoga into my life. February is Yoga month for me, in addition to completing 4 more weeks of C25k and the pushups challenge which I’m doing again (another one that I started last year and never completed). Anyone want to join me for Yoga Month?

How are you going with your goals for the year? Still on course?


6 thoughts on “Goals! Goals! Goals! (An update)

  1. i am with you for yoga month! I have been trying to do more as well

    well done on accomplishing some of those goals so far! always celebrate the accomplishments 🙂

  2. I’m with you for Yoga month! I found a yoga class, but have chicken out about going the last couple of weeks. Maybe you will motivate me to go!! 🙂

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