Yoga Month begins

This is not me. I'd be on the floor since my balance sucks

Welcome to Yoga Month here @ Staying on Course. Please, take a seat, make yourself comfortable.

So, I guess you’re wondering what Yoga Month is. I’ve dabbled with yoga in the past and let it slip by the wayside after I couldn’t find an instructor I liked and I was spending a lot of time on my weights and cardio. Something had to give and I allowed yoga to be the thing that gave.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve realised more and more that I really need the quietening of the mind and the flexibility that yoga can bring. I’ve already been practicing along with some downloads from Yogamazing and YogaDownload but I want more. So my month of exploring and learning more about yoga, what it can give and how I can incorporate it into my life.

So, my plan for this week:

  1. Learn more about different types of yoga and posting about it over the week.
  2. Try yoga at two different studios
  3. Do at least 3 sessions at home during the week

This is in addition to my C25k runs and I think it’s more than achievable.

What are your goals for Yoga Month if you’re joining me? What would you like to get out of it?


3 thoughts on “Yoga Month begins

  1. I shan’t be joining you, but it sounds awesome! C25K + Yoga sounds like the perfect combo, actually. C25K to get you running, yoga to help you stay running 😀

    Good luck with the plan!

  2. I am excited to read more about yoga! I just got some yoga DVDs that I am really enjoying and even bought my own yoga mat yesterday (a towel was just TOO slippery!).

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