Focus on the calm

I wrote a whole post ranting and venting about a client and a situation and my complete and utter frustration. I detailed the whats and whys and I complained and threw my toys out the cot.

Then I deleted it.

I don’t feel better but it’s not worth it. I may not name names and companies and clients may not be social media savvy but they will be one day and I know people have found my blog before and they’ll find it again. So I pressed delete. I’ve had a mini-rant to the Boy and I’ll call my parents to rant and vent some more.

Suffice to say everyday is a learning experience.

In yoga-flavoured news, I bit the bullet and attended my first yoga class at my gym.

Initial thoughts on walking in: Everyone knows each other. I know nobody. I could leave now and nobody would know.

But I didn’t. I grabbed a mat and set up in the back corner, figuring I could watch everyone else a bit too. That was dashed when I realised that everyone was setting up against the walls and the instructor’s mat was in the middle. Which was good in that she could see us all and we could see her.

She was a little late due to traffic so when she got there, we got done to poses immediately. The atmosphere in the class wasn’t friendly or warm. I was very aware of being the newbie and unaware of the poses and order of things. But you know, I got over that pretty quickly. The instructor came by and corrected or supported me once or twice and I could follow her directions fairly well. It didn’t set me off with excitement and I’m still getting used the idea of a class where I don’t walk out feeling drained.

I also realised how tight my hamstrings are. I knew they were tight but they had loosened up from where they were the other week. I realised tonight how much more I have to go. My balance is awful, but I knew that. And I still managed to enjoy it actually.

In some way yoga was what I needed today and in other ways I needed something vigorous and ANGRY because I still feel like I have such FRUSTRATION to get out. But I’m trying to focus on the calm and breath right now.

And there’s another class on Sunday and I think I may just be there. But I’m still looking forward to my run tomorrow to get this frustration out.

Oh, and our outdoor furniture arrives tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Focus on the calm

  1. Glad you were able to benefit from the class even though it wasn’t the warmest environment.

    I know what you mean about getting your frustration out. Sometimes I feel like I need a punching bag.

    By the way, love the new look. It has a very calm feel about it.

  2. You gotta do what works for you to get your frustration out… sometimes it’s all about pounding the pavement, and sometimes it’s about reflection on the mat.

    Glad you are venting in a really healthy and constructive way!

    • It’s all a learning experience and I found it curious that I actually WANTED to go for a run since I’ve only just started running. My brain is getting used to running and now I need to get it used to yoga too – the more ways I have to vent, the better!

  3. I have a lot of drafts written that will probably never be published… similar situations.

    I have heard yoga classes can be kind of… cliquey! I hope it feels more inviting next time!

    I love that yoga helps me stretch my calves!

    • sometimes it just helps to write it out and not publish.

      I think it will. I introduced myself to a few people and I’m going to go back on Sunday. I can definitely feel the stretches so I know I need it!

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