Oh, the wonderful things we learn

This week I learnt:

  • I have absolutely no self-control when I bake. I made spinach and feta muffins on Friday (eh, a little too dry. Need to try again) and choc-banana muffins on Saturday. I have been eating muffins for three days now and fooling myself that they are small and therefore don’t count. They do. I’m so staying away from the scale.
  • I either have terrible allergies or a 48 hr cold. Going on the fact that the Boy is now coughing his lungs up and whimpering on the bed, I’m going with the cold.

As a result, I barely exercised and the last run I did was Week 4, Day 2 last Tuesday. I finally got out of my cocoon and went for a run today and struggled like mad through the last 5 minutes. I had to take a break at 4 minutes and as a result, I’m going to repeat the week. There’s no rush to finish and I’d rather be ready 100%.

I feel like a slug but everyday is a new day. I ran, I will run again this week and I’ll get back on the horse. I’ll go to a new yoga class tomorrow night (the one with the chanting) and I’ll refocus and stop making excuses. New day. New choices. New paths.


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