A pox on St Valentine

I had a shitty weekend. That’s the official technical term for it.

We went to the dressmaker on Saturday and proceeded to get stuck at the shopping center when the alarm button for the car stopped working and the immobiliser couldn’t be disabled. We called Roadside Assistance and waited. They arrived and pulled apart the whole dashboard looking for the immobiliser wires to disable it. They couldn’t find it. They called a towing company. We waited. They arrived and towed us to The Boy’s folks’ place.

We got home and The Boy’s plans for a pre-Valentine’s Day evening were scuppered by the fact that the festival he planned to take me to isn’t on for another 2 weeks. So dinner was reheated leftovers on the balcony.

Sunday came around and I made the Boy breakfast and gave him a Valentine’s Day card. Since he doesn’t believe V/day is anything real or important, he did nothing (or in his defense, apparently he got stuck thinking of something cool to do so he did nothing). I wasn’t impressed by this so our day actually sucked. It was not fun. I am no longer a Valentine’s Day fan.

But in good news, I bought an AWESOME recipe book in the afternoon – it’s almost 600 pages with over 700 recipes and it was reduced more than 50% so even better. We’re having a friend over for dinner on Friday and I’m excitedly planning the menu already – is that sad?

So for a no good, terrible weekend, I have something good to show and some yummy food to make And I may or may not choose to feed the Boy said yummy food. Depends on if he’s good.


2 thoughts on “A pox on St Valentine

  1. You know what? My weekend sucked too. The hubs took me out to dinner Sunday night and it was lovely and all, but overall the weekend had a lot of suckage to it. Not so much fun.

    But hey, I did yoga yesterday! Go me!

    • I hate weekends that suck. It seems like we have enough suckage in the weekdays sometimes that weekends should be immune.

      And yay on the yoga! Are you enjoying it? I’ve been slack on it – work and mood have been getting in the way which is silly because I know that both would improve if I did more yoga. Refocusing!

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