Thank you

Thank you thank you thank you

This is what I love about blogging.

This community. You. Reaching out, making me feel normal and no longer isolated.

Last week was a tough week. This week is shaping up to be better for a number of reasons:

  1. My bookclub group rocked last Thursday. They’re all expats from somewhere – mainly from the UK but not exclusively. So they all know what it’s like to move and need to make friends. I mentioned inviting them over for coffee and cake one day and I think I will. It’ll probably have to be after the Melbourne trip in March but it’s on the cards.
  2. The Boy took the day off on Saturday completely unbidden and we hung out the whole day. It was lovely. To me, this is romantic, strangely enough.
  3. I’ve pushed myself to be more social. I spent the evening with C, a friend of The Boy’s last night and it was fun. I’m making myself a nice dinner tonight. Tomorrow is the cooking class. Thursday is dinner with the in-laws to be. Even when I’d prefer to chill on the couch reading, I’m pushing myself. I know I enjoy it when I’m out and it’s good for me.
  4. I’m still not back running or at the gym but I’m walking a lot more. I walked into the city on Sunday, I walked to the bank and joined a library yesterday and I’ll go for a nice long walk later. Getting air, getting space, getting exercise.

So my mood is up this week. And despite little stresses, that’s where it’s going to stay. When The Boy comes home on Thursday, I’ll be ‘right!

Thanks again for all the virtual love people!


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