Running with it (GUEST POST)

Kim is a runner who’s just recently gotten into yoga. Even though Yoga Month got a little off-track, I asked her to write a post on how she’s found yoga complimenting her running. Please read, comment and go read her blog too!

I’ve been running for years but have always been hesitant to practice yoga. Despite hearing how good it is for runners, my initial experiences have always gone awry.

The first time I was taking a class in college – too many downward dogs later, and I was dizzy with a severe migraine. A friend had to follow me home to make sure I made it (notice I didn’t mention I hadn’t eaten much more than a salad and fruit all day)!

The second time was years later, and I was trying P90X yoga with my husband. It’s an hour and a half long – and it’s intense. I lasted about 20 minutes then gave up, collapsing to a sweaty mess on the floor, complaining about all the downward dogs (notice I didn’t mention I was training for a marathon, and my body was completely stressed out because I never stretched AT ALL).

After these two experiences, I kind of shelved yoga as “something not for me.” I tried one other free yoga workout, and a DVD, and sort of liked it… but didn’t feel like I was getting anything from it. In the meantime, I kept reading about all of these people who love yoga and wondered if there was something wrong with them – or with me. So while I had pathetically given up an active search for a yoga practice I enjoyed, I did keep in open as an option in the back of my mind.

And I am happy I did – in January, I received three YogaWorks DVDs to review. I honestly thought I was going to hate them. They must have stayed in their packaging for a week or two before I even tried one. But something strange happened – I tried the Beginners DVD and liked it. I found the stretching and posing moves difficult enough to make me want to improve. I eventually was brave enough to try the other two DVDs – one focusing on core, the other on cardio – and found out I loved them as well. I even went out and bought a yoga mat!

As a runner, all I wanted from yoga was core strength and flexibility. Well, I have found that, with an added bonus – relaxation!

It amazes me how much more flexible I am just from a little over one month of following these yoga DVDs a few times a week or less. I could always bend over and touch my toes – it was easier at certain points of my life, for sure – but now I can bend a few inches past where I could before. I really am starting to wonder what my full yoga potential is!

And since following these DVDs is so simple, I feel encouraged to take care of my body with stretching, working on core strength, and relaxing – which is something I was heavily neglecting before. I am one of those “hurry hurry hurry” people, so I didn’t make time for stretching, resulting in injury. Now that I enjoy this DVDs so much, I find myself craving the workouts – I love how they make me feel! I would love it if I could fit in yoga every day!

It’s a shame I was so resistant to yoga at first, but I am excited to learn more the different practices, and see how else it can compliment my running, and really, make me feel great!

Have you tried yoga? How did you first get introduced to it? Did you love it at first, or feel resistant to it, like me?


9 thoughts on “Running with it (GUEST POST)

  1. My first introduction to yoga was using the Wii Fit. I liked all the standing poses!

    Then I took a beginning yoga class and hated every second of it. I felt like it was a waste of time. I decided I didn’t like sun salutations, the preaching, the laying on the floor staring at the ceiling. Silly and boring.

    I tried another yoga video (I think the same or similar to the beginning one Kim has) and didn’t like it, either. The only parts I liked were Warrior and Tree pose! So if I could find a yoga class that skipped sun salutations I think I’d be okay!

  2. The first time I ever attended a yoga class was with a few friends at college and we decided to go to a sunrise yoga class that started at 5:30 am. They had us do this meditation to begin and I literally fell asleep. So the whole class I was feeling tired and groggy. Needless to say my first experience wasn’t very exciting and I did not love it. I have recently gotten back into and realized it is a great class, I feel more flexible and relaxed, but I am now attending the night class. It relaxes me and I usually fall asleep easier after taking that class.

  3. I love yoga (and Kim’s blog)! I just tried it for the first time about a month ago and I am officially converted! I got into it through reading all about it on other’s blogs and my sister loved it. I thought it would be something I might like because I love stretching and I’m pretty strong. Turns out it was the best combination for me and I have seriously noticed differences in my running/performance.
    I’m glad I found your blog!

  4. I love hearing how everyone was introduced to yoga… and whether or not they like it! It seems like sense there are so many different kinds, you may not like it on the first try! I should have recommended that everyone read your post about the different kinds of yoga! Oops!

    Thanks for asking me to guest post. It was an honor! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for writing it – you were my inaurgural guest poster and it’s so interesting to read! I also love all the comments – new perspectives on things ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is such a great post. It was suggested to me on my blog because I just wrote a post abotu trying to fit running into my yoga schedule. I loved reading your post and how yoga has helped your running!

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