Wedding prep fun!

I’m in Melbourne at my parents’ place at the moment. I’m sleeping in my old bedroom. I’m eating dinner that my mother is cooking and loving every minute of it.

The wedding prep is not such fun though. Today the guests start arriving and my mother is in a frenzy. Bridezilla is on the rampage and my brother is a little beaten down with all the wedding planning and shouting. Okay, a lot beaten down. Watching them makes me crave elopement more and more. Seriously, the planning and STRESS that goes into this one day is stupendous.

And also, I don’t know how much I like my SIL to be after seeing the stress and how upset my parents are – they are paying for the freaking wedding and they’re being excluded so much. Note to self: include mother AND MIL in as much as possible without going insane.

Otherwise things are good. I’m missing The Boy, who’s in Auckland at the moment and will be joining me here tomorrow. I’ve had a good client meeting (with the annoying client) and I have another meeting today (with a new client). I’m managing to be semi-productive even with wedding chaos around me.

I leave you with a photo from Bridezilla’s bachelorette, otherwise known at the ‘hen’s’ night here. Don’t ask why, I’m really not sure! Please enjoy!

Gemfit does the Hen's night (AKA Bachelorette!)


5 thoughts on “Wedding prep fun!

  1. You know, a wedding doesn’t have to be so stressful. Other than me fearing I would trip while walking down the aisle, my wedding was stress free.

    Some people take the whole wedding planning too far with the pressure they put on the one day. Our cake was the wrong color and one of the ribs in my dress came loose and cut me under my underarm. And you know what, nothing bad happened. Brides need to get over themselves. LOL!

    • I 100% agree! Everyone keeps asking me “do the bridesmaids’ hairstyles need to be the same? what about shoes? what about this and that?” and I’m confused as to why I should CARE or stress about it. If my bridesmaids want their hair up or down or pink or purple, as long as they’re comfortable and happy, that’s great. Less stress, more fun.

      Although, working out the guest list, now that’s more stress, less fun!

  2. My goal was to not let our wedding stress us or others. My hairdresser abandoned me on the day of my wedding after doing my hair. So I had to improvise and do my bridemaids’ hair. It was actually fun and not planned or matching mine, but I didn’t care. My bridesmaids couldn’t believe I was so relaxed about it all!

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