Finding my mojo

I’ve been MIA lately. I know that. From here and from Twitter. And even from Facebook. Things are dire.

You see, I lost my mojo for a while.

I got caught up with Bridezilla, wedding stuff, family stuff, work stuff, life stuff. It got to a point where I didn’t know where to start writing about it so, instead of just writing about it, I avoided it.

So, a recap.

My brother’s wedding was lovely. It was fun and classy and everyone looked lovely. My SIL was bridezilla and continues to be.

I loved catching up with my friends in Melbourne. So much so that everytime I saw them, I was more aware of what I am lacking here. Girlfriends. People who know me and care about my life. People I can share laughs with and cry with. I know it will take time to build that up and I’m willing to put in the work but yeah, it really hit home. And I think The Boy became more aware of it as well.

We had some good talks about things while we were in Melbourne. Even though I’d talked to him about how I was feeling, I don’t think it really sunk in until I bluntly said “I’m unhappy”. Not “I’m struggling”. Not “I’m finding things really hard”. But “I’m unhappy”. We talked and talked and realised that we had to do things about it.

So we came back to Auckland and we bought a car for me. I’ve been here 6 months without one and trust me, Auckland is not a place you can really get around without a car. The public transport here is not great (and that’s being nice) and The Boy has a manual/stick shift, which I can’t drive. Hence no driving for 6 months and relying solely on him to get me around. So now I have a car!

And we’re being a lot more social. The Boy loves nothing more than chilling at home on weekends but considering that my 9-5 is just me, I need the social stuff to happen on the weekend. So far so good. Last weekend was awesome (and not only because we bought a car) – we hung out with family, I went to watch The Boy’s last cricket game of the season (it was boring for me but I’m still glad I went) and then hung out with a friend on Sunday. This weekend (Happy Easter!) we’ve chilled out, we’re going shopping later and I’m Skyping with a bunch of Canadian friends. All good.

And it is. Knowing that The Boy knows how I feel has made things better. I was trying to tell him before but not being blunt enough. Trying to be tactful was hurting me. Now I know tact is important but in this situation, not so much.

Now to get back into an exercise routine and life will be peachy again.


3 thoughts on “Finding my mojo

    • It wasn’t easy to vocalise and to know where to start! Because often you can know something’s wrong but not what. I’m really glad I managed to give it voice though – things are definitely looking up!

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