Operation Fit into my Wedding Dress

I bought my wedding dress last October when, by some weird chance, I found The Dress at the first place we went to in Melbourne. It’s beautiful. I love it. But there’s an issue I’m a little concerned about.

When I bought it I had been exercising really well and had more muscle and less, well, fat. Since moving here, my exercise regime has slacked off and for the last 2 months, it’s been minimal. I’m getting back onto the horse at the moment but my issue?

The store ordered my dress in an Australian size 8. Which is about a US size 4-6.

I’m a *little* scared about fitting into said size.

My weight has only changed by about 4 lbs but I know I’ve lost muscle and gained fat so my body has changed a bit. And I have this *thing* where I’m not entirely body-aware and I assume that 2 lbs gained equals not fitting into my clothes.

Note that I don’t try on said clothes and then discover they don’t fit. No, I assume they’re not going to fit and get all sad and stressed and usually, they still fit. But by then, I’ve gotten into a state about it.

This is not where I was expecting this post to go. Weird.

Back to Operation Fit into my Wedding Dress. My plan is to go back to Lindsey’s insane 4 week training plan, which killed me in January and also get back into the whole C25k thing. I had set myself a goal of completing it by June and if I start now, I should be able to do that.

I also need to remember my goal when I’m craving a treat everyday and justifying it. I need to eat better. Cleaner.  Just because I’m stressed does not mean I deserve a treat.

I don’t want to stress about this dress too much. I do have enough time to tell them to order a bigger size instead (even though the dress has arrived) but I know that if I get back on course, I can get there. I’ve been there before and I’m not far from it now. Just need some FOCUS BABY.

Oh, and I went driving yesterday. It was awesome.

Happy Easter everyone!


5 thoughts on “Operation Fit into my Wedding Dress

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I think we might be long lost twins. I’m getting married in July and I find planning the wedding to be…less than fun haha. I relate to all that you have said about not planning your wedding since forever and not knowing everything you want. I also really hope I can fit into my dress because I was sized for mine about 6 pounds ago…oops. Anyway, when are you getting married?

    • LOL!
      I’m getting married in October, so it’s a little bit further away but still stressful at times already! I’m getting married in Melbourne (australia) and I live in Auckland, so it’s a challenge planning from far away. My mother is in Melbourne and helping out a lot but still, sometimes I think she adds to the stress a little. I’m a planner but she’s an OVERplanner!

  2. Everyone around me got extensive spreadsheets that I developed with running sheets of times and contact details. Of course I was so relaxed because of my over planning that I turned up to the wedding late! But at least everyone else knew where they had to be and what time! Hee hee!

  3. I was so stressed about fitting in to my dress, I even had nightmares about it. I think it is really common. At the last fitting, the stylist told me he thought it looked too tight. Gee, thanks.

    • Part of me is tempted to call them and see if they can get a bigger size (we have 6 months to go) but I know I can lose the weight – I’ve been there before and I know what to do, you know? And it’s also a point of pride since my mother is sure I need a bigger size!

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