When cravings attack

This week has been Passover and as such, I’ve been avoiding non-kosher for Passover foods as much as possible in New Zealand. I’ve eaten my fill of matzah and chopped herring and chopped liver (don’t knock it until you try it!).

I’ve also avoided Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. And I’ve done pretty well.

Until this morning.

This morning I woke up with a serious chocolate bunny craving. In particular, I craved breaking off the ears and destroying the bunny bit by bit. And the chocolate. Yummy chocolate.

Yes, it’s Easter Monday here but I thought that the bunnies would be on sale at all grocery stores and convenience stores. I thought that this would be an easy craving to address. I’d buy the bunny and eat it tonight, after the end of Passover.

But alas, it was not to be.

There must be a deal with all the grocery stores and convenience stores around here to get rid of all the Easter eggs and bunnies the day after Easter. There are none around.

No bunnies.

No eggs.


And yes, it’s probably better for me not to have the chocolate. But I want one 😦


9 thoughts on “When cravings attack

  1. Oh man, this happened to me last year with Easter jelly beans. I wanted them SO bad the DAY after Easter and they were gone! What happened to be 50% off after Easter candy?!

  2. bummer that there are no bunnies to be found! so totally sucks when you have your heart set on something.
    i can’t wait to make popcorn when passover ends. counting the minutes!!!

    • I know!! that’s what I was banking on but alas, perhaps the stores here have a deal with the chocolatiers to get rid of all the easter themed stuff immediately following easter?

    • I really wish I knew! Seriously, there is no sign that Easter has been – all the stores are stripped of easter bunnies and eggs. Very sad but probably better for me!

  3. for me its the CADBURY CREME EGGS.
    which are thankfully only available on easter.
    that said, I great up in a household (seriously) where we’d buy these buy the bagful and freeze them.
    something which Id totally forgotten until right this moment.

    • I don’t even like those creme eggs – and of course, those were the ones that were still around just after Easter.

      Still, I don’t know if they’d last in the freezer for too long!

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