Is too much focus a bad thing?

I’m still in a bit of blog funk people. I have a lot on my plate at the moment – all my own doing really – and sitting down and writing about my healthly living focus is a bit overwhelming, possibly because said healthy living focus has been dialed down. In it’s place is wedding focus, trying not to kill my mother over wedding stress focus, loving that I have more clients for work focus, stressing over work for more clients focus. Mixed within that is loving the rest of my life focus.

So I’m finding it a challenge to sit down and write sometimes. At the moment, I envy those who post regularly and post on topic – always about healthy eating, or weight loss, or working out. They have a focus I don’t have. Because right now my life is so much more than that and while I know that it’s important, I’m stretched a little thin to focus.

Perhaps it’s no longer a focus for me but just my life? I have 5 lbs to lose (and I will), I have a wedding to organise without killing my parents over it, I have work to do and a gift for my folks 40th anniversary to organise. This anniversary is 3 days after the wedding and I may be an idiot for taking on a massive gift idea but I’m doing it and screw the stress.

Sorry about the all-over-the-place post. I promise to get back on topic at some stage!


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