The siren sounds of the gym

There are benefits to belonging to a smaller gym – it’s easier to get a machine or into a class and people know you there, including the staff.

The downsides? People know you there, including the staff.

So when you haven’t visited said gym in, oh say, 2 months, they know. And they call. While it may be good business, they actually want to know where you’ve been and what’s been happening. They ask and then they pause, waiting for your answer.

And then you suddenly find yourself promising to go back and you’ll see them Monday.

Today was said Monday and I ventured back into the gym. I hit the treadmill and repeated Week 3 Day 3 of Couch to 5k, just to see if I could. I even added in an extra 3 minutes of running. Then I hit the weight bench and did a bunch of chest, back, shoulders and arms. I sweated up a storm.

Now I’m aching. My body is oh so tired but in a good way. I’ve taken some Arnica because my hip was aching (or rather shooting pains up and down my leg) but now that’s calmed down. I want to go back. Like Now. But I know that I’ll wake up tomorrow and I will hurt.

And if I don’t, then I’ll go back and make sure that I do work hard and hurt.

It’s the only way I’m going to fit into my wedding dress and look hot.

Oh, and it makes me feel awesome. True, I wasn’t productive at work today but my body and soul? They’re happy.


3 thoughts on “The siren sounds of the gym

    • Rationally I know that, which is why I spent more time on the upper body than core and lower body but it’s going to be a challenge not to go gung-ho again. Although, since my hip is still quite tight I may be forced to work around it. So abs it is I think!

  1. Haha I love that your gym calls if you don’t go- mine probably wouldn’t know- or care as long as I was still paying. Good for you for getting back into it!

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