Giving up chasing cars

Thanks everyone for all the advice and support. The last few days have been full-on and I had to employ a few time-tested techniques to make this decision.

Since the company was forcing me to make a decision about moving before they would even formally interview me, as much as I wanted to learn more about the position (heck, it may have turned out to be a bad fit!), I knew I’d have to make the call first. So I drew up a pro and con list, discussed it with The Boy (again), my mother (who got excited that I’d be an hour flight away so was not exactly unbiased) and my dad (who is my sounding board for EVERYTHING) and sat on it for a day.

And I realised that I had to turn it down.

This was not my dream job. If I had already been planning a move to Sydney or I was already there, I would have jumped on it. But the con list outweighed the pros on this. The Boy would not have been able to move for a few months and even then he wouldn’t have moved until he had a job there, so it could have been 6 months before he joined me. They really needed someone to start in the next few weeks and I would only have been able to move in a few months.

So I called them yesterday and explained that while I was still keen to talk to them more about the job, if they were determined to fill the position in the next few weeks, I couldn’t commit to that. And I hung up and phone and knew it was the right decision. I felt a little of a let-down but no doubt or regret. And that’s how I knew it was right.

So New Zealand is stuck with me for a while longer.


5 thoughts on “Giving up chasing cars

  1. good for you! you really thought about it, made no rash decisions and you feel good about it. straight A’s for you!
    i’m sure it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders now that the decision is behind you.

  2. I love the feeling of making a decision. Such relief! Especially when you know you made the right one. I know this must have been hard for you to pass up this opportunity, but I’m sure others will come your way!

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