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And now we wait for the pain

Last night was my first boxing class. It’s part of this 8 week program I’m doing at the gym – 8 weeks of 2 small training sessions a week, a meal plan and weekly weigh-ins. It’s an extra cost over and above my gym membership but I know that I need accountability and one week in, it’s going well.

The meal plan is pretty good. It’s based on 1500 a day and I’m sticking fairly closely to it. Not exactly though because the inner rebel in me doesn’t do that sort of rigid thing. So when they call for yoghurt with a side of fruit, I go for yoghurt with berries in it. Or tuna in brine on salad with dressing – I leave off the dressing but use a different tuna. So all in all, I’m on 1500 calories.

And today I was craving chocolate. I bought a bar and sat down to enjoy it. I had two squares and I was done. Amazing. So something is working. I’m drinking my water and snacking as planned (3 meals and 3 snacks a day so I’m pretty much never hungry) and we’ll see at my first weigh in on Monday afternoon.

And the classes are interesting. The class on Monday is a toning class full of lunges and squats and whatnot. It’s a very small class – only 2 of us – and the other girl wasn’t there on Monday so it was a personal training session. I think I surprised the trainer at how much I could do – she only brought in 1 and 2lb weights and seriously, some of the exercises felt like I was holding air! Fair enough though, her style of training is of the low weight high rep style and after 30 shoulder presses, my arms were tired, but for me, I’d prefer heavier weights and few reps. And then more sets. But when she suggested modified pushups and I glared at her and showed her proper pushups, I think she realised that I wasn’t really a newbie. Hopefully next week will push me more. If not, I may go up the weights myself before class!

But last night was boxing and yes, that KICKED MY ASS. My body was bone tired last night and typing this is tough today. My arms are tired, my glutes are tired, my heart was racing. It was go go go and it was GOOD. This is what I need. If I don’t like the Monday class next week, I may look at changing to either another boxing class or a spin class. Spinning scares the living daylights out of me but perhaps that’s what I need. Operation fit-into-my-wedding-dress is not meant to be a cakewalk you know!

(mmmm cake ……)

And yet, in other news, I went shopping the other day and found that I haven’t actually gained too much weight. Obviously, sizes are different store to store, but I was smaller than I thought. It’s just the hips and thighs that need some toning down and since there isn’t a magic machine that spot reduces, I have to drag my whole body through a workout or four.

I’m enjoying this tired body feeling though. Really enjoying it. Whoever woulda thunk it?



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3 thoughts on “And now we wait for the pain

    1. So far, definitely worth every penny! We’ll see how it goes at my first weigh in though. I’m staying off the scale as much as possible until then.

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