Sneaking suspicions

I fear I am not alone here.

I fear that someone from my gym may be reading this (if you are, hi and I’m sorry about the snark). You see, either someone’s reading this or the trainers at my gym are weirdly all-knowing and knew that I had been complaining about not feeling the burn in my workouts.

Because yesterday’s workout was a killer circuit. Burpees, pushups, lunges, squats, high knees, crunches, and more. 12 stations, a minute at each, rinse and repeat. I nearly died. Burpees, followed by crunches meant that when it came time to move onto the next station of push ups, we were crawling over to the station. I gave up on proper pushups and embraced the modified option. I was dripping with sweat.

I loved every minute of it. Even the ones I spent calling the trainer evil. Those rocked.

And today my triceps ache, my glutes ache and my body is tired.

And I love it.

And Mae, if you’re reading this, I’m stoked for boxing on Thursday but please don’t kill me too badly. I need to be able to laugh since we’re going to see Avenue Q straight after class.


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