Shh, listen carefully.

If you quiet down a bit, tune out the external chatter and the pressures, you may hear something interesting.

Your body.

Sometimes we need to stop and listen to our bodies before we’re forced to.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I was stuck at the bottom of a well, wrapped in cotton wool. The very thought of lifting my arms above my head to wash my hair made me tired. I felt weak and achy and tired, oh so tired.

I had PLANS people. I had a gym workout on the cards. I had dinner plans and wedding invitation discussions. I had work to do. WORK that pays.

I did a little bit of work and then I stopped.

I napped.

I shuffled around in my dressing gown.

When the OMG-I-may-need-to-be-sick feeling came over me, I canceled all the other plans (except the going to jumpstart my car) and settled into listening to my body.

This morning I feel 10 times better. Sure, I’m a day behind on everything else, but I’d rather only be a day behind than a week behind.

While part of me would love to be one of those people who works out rain or shine and doesn’t let something get in the way, I’ve come to the conclusion that my life and body comes first. The eating healthy and working out is so I can enjoy my life more. And so if my body demands a breather, I take it. I rest, I regroup, and I get up again.

Today I’m getting up again.


One thought on “Shh, listen carefully.

  1. Ooh, good for you. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I am just starting to feel normal today after a week of really-pretty-sick versus just-a-little-sick. I miss my exercise, but I got pneumonia once as a kid and always associate it with bouncing around too much while still sick. So I don’t do that.

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