I woke up this morning a little achy from my session at the gym yesterday. I was a little surprised at HOW achy I was, considering I’ve been working these muscles for a while, but I did change things up a little and push myself differently, so I wasn’t upset about it. I weighed myself, hated the number since it officially hasn’t moved in 2 weeks and moved on.

I made some tuna salad for The Boy to take for lunch and for me to have for lunch.

I started making myself some breakfast – toast and poached eggs – and then it happened.

I felt it.

A twinge. A pull.


My back went into spasm and OH MY GOD I could hardly take a breath. Not only because of the pain but because of where it spasmed – my right side, just by my lung. You know, where your ribs expand when you breathe? Yeah, right there. It hurt like HECK. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried.

The Boy was in the shower so I tried massaging the spot myself. If you’ve ever tried to give yourself a hard massage, you’ll know how challenging this was. I got The Boy to massage it a bit and then it passed enough for me to start breathing again. I finished making breakfast. I got a heat pad, threw down some Aleve and prayed for it to release.

It’s still hella sore but I can breathe and move a little more than before. Only a little though.

I’m hoping it’ll go away as quickly as it arrived, but something tells me I may not be that lucky. Any tips on getting rid of a pesky back spasm?


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