Being accountable and all that jazz (plus 5 in 5)

Last week I took part in Mary’s Workout Pledge of getting 60 minutes of cardio in. It was exactly what I needed – a push from someone to get cracking. My 8 week program at the gym is coming to an end and I need accountability people.

And you’re going to be providing it.

I’m creating a bit of a challenge – 5 in 5.

5 workouts a week

5 weeks

Since my back is out of action at the moment, this week is not Week 1. Next week will be week one. I’ll post my planned workouts at the beginning of the week and check in as I used to. 5 workouts a week for 5 weeks. There’s no weighing in or weight loss goal. And the workouts can be cardio, weights, running in the park, chasing your tail, whatever. Just 5 workouts a week.

Anyone feel like joining me? I’ll even throw in a prize or two at the end of it all for a random reader. I’m not sure what said prize will be yet, but rest assured it will either be health based or New Zealand based. In fact, I’ll give you the choice, should you win.

I’ll create a button for it if anyone’s keen. Anyone? Bueller?


9 thoughts on “Being accountable and all that jazz (plus 5 in 5)

    • Thanks Jac! You’re added to the list. I’m hoping to get the button created today sometime if you want one.

      My back is slowly getting there but I’m impatient. But I ❤ Nurofen Plus right now!

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