Making an Investment in Something Worthwhile

Eating properly is not cheap. It’s easier to buy processed food and fast food. It’s often cheaper, depending on where you live.

Buying exercise clothes, joining a gym, taking the time to exercise is not cheap or easy. It’s an effort. It’s easier to put it further down the priority list, to prioritise everything else above it. It takes effort. It takes time. It takes money.

But isn’t it a worthwhile investment?

Isn’t it worth every penny and minute you put into it in order to be healthy – mentally and physically? Am I being naive here? I know I’m lucky not to have to worry too much about where my next meal is coming from, or how I’m going to pay my bills. I’m fully aware that I’m lucky like that and not everyone is in the same boat. I’m also aware that my situation could change at any time.

But being healthy has never been a cheap or easy option for me. My asthma means I have monthly medical expenses. My specialists charge an arm and leg to look after my lungs. I can’t get coverage here for my asthma as it’s a pre-existing condition, so I pay.

But I’m also hyper aware that this is my body for life. One body. One life. And so I make my health a priority. By doing this, it impacts the rest of my life. I’m healthier, happier and more able to cope with stress. Sure, it takes effort to plan my meals, to cook in bulk, to avoid those processed crappy foods. It costs me to join a gym, to take the time out from my day to workout but it’s worth it.

Now, obviously gym fees can be ridiculous and I’m not saying that you have to spend money you don’t have. Time is a cost too. Taking the time to workout, to cook, to plan. It’s about you being top of the list.

If we don’t prioritise this, what use is all the rest?


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