5 in 5 starts this week and a general update

First, an update on 5 in 5 – 5 workouts a week for 5 weeks. I don’t care what your workouts are, as long as there are 5 of them. Starting this week, the aim is to get those 5 workouts in for 5 weeks and at the end of it, I’ll draw a random name to win a random prize. If the winner is US based, you can pick ANYTHING from the lovely, fantabulous Mizfit’s store (which I’m rather jealous about!). If you’re like me and not US based, do not fear – I’ll organise an awesome prize too.

My workouts this week will all be gym based as it’s getting a tad cool here and with that weather change, my excuse meter usually jumps up. So 2 classes, 2 cardio sessions and a weights session. Tuesday through Saturday and then a rest day on Sunday (and yesterday/Monday, since I did nothing!)

On to a general update now.

I’ve spent the last 5 days in Melbourne, visiting family and friends, wedding planning and birthday celebrating. I’m turning 30 this Wednesday and I wanted to be home with the family to celebrate really. It was super low-key, which disappointed me a little to be honest. I invited a bunch of people out for dinner on Saturday night and it ended up being 4 of us – me, The Boy, and my two closest friends. Just dinner – no dancing, no partying. I felt old 😛

But that said, I had a breakthrough. You may remember me freaking out slightly about fitting into my wedding dress, which was ordered in an Australian size 8 (US size 4 or so). This freakout was not helped by my mother expressing her concern but it’s not her fault. I don’t know my body shape anymore. It’s changed so much over the past 3 years that the body in my mind and the reality don’t always match.

So we went to try on the dress. It fit. In fact, it’s too big and will need taking in, but I’m glad I didn’t get the smaller size again – it would have been very unforgiving! It looks gorgeous and I love it just as much as I did when we bought it (which is a relief!). It showed both me and my mother that my body shape has definitely changed!

And then I proceeded to eat myself back to the weight I thought I was. Seriously, the amount of food over these 5 days was insane. I weighed myself this morning and it’s a number I didn’t want to see again. I’ve been losing and regaining the same pound for the last few weeks. This week? I gained it plus a few more. I know the weight will drop again once I get into a routine. Plus my back didn’t allow for much in the way of workouts – one in total last week was not enough! I’m hoping the 5 in 5 can get me back into routine. It’s not about the weight though. It’s about the feeling healthy and fit and good again. And right now? All I feel is tired (we got in at 1am this morning), lethargic, and lazy. Time to change that.

How was everyone else’s weekend? What’s on the cards for workouts this week if you’re doing 5 in 5 with me?


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