What a f#$)(@#$& waste

My dad just called me with some sad news.

He didn’t want to tell me on my birthday but felt I had to know.

An old family friend – someone who featured in all our childhood photos, someone who was inseparable from my brother, someone young with so much to live for – committed suicide yesterday.

He was 33. Studying for his doctorate. But obviously feeling so desperate about life that he felt he couldn’t live anymore. Nobody will know why. His parents thought everything was fine.

It’s been years since I saw the family but this weekend I was looking at old photos and laughing over one with him hugging me. I was 5, he was 9. Two days after looking at the photos and laughing, he was dead.

And it’s hit me. It just seems so unnecessary. Such a waste of life.

So today I say reach out to those around you. Hug someone. Email someone. Phone someone. Make a connection. Because you never know what that connection could do. And if you need to reach out? Do it.


4 thoughts on “What a f#$)(@#$& waste

    • Thanks. I have my fabulous Boy around (well, he was around yesterday, today he’s out of town) and I talked to my folks, who are really feeling down about it all. I think my mother is in shock and keeps calling to make sure I’m ok.

    • Yeah, you do tend to think that the older one gets, the more we know our support networks and how to cope but obviously he felt he didn’t. I’m just in such shock and can’t fully believe it, even though we weren’t close recently.

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