Cold cravings

Someone turned off the heat in Auckland this week. It was COLD in Melbourne but my folks have heating so it wasn’t too bad. But we got home to our tiny apartment with no heat and boy, am I feeling the cold now. I have our little heater going but I’m not feeling it yet.

Which means I’m cold. And when I’m cold, I start craving.

Soup. Pasta. Toast.

Anything warming and comforting. But always FOOD.

And I know I’m not really hungry. So I make myself a cup of tea. I’m onto cup #3 today already. I have some fish to make for lunch but my cravings are trying to get me to make pasta or soup or eat out.

This self-sabotage is not helping me!

I have a gym class later (#3 this week) and I’m going to friends for dinner while The Boy is out of town. The menu tonight is homemade pizza, so I need some leeway in my lunch choices.

For now, I’m rugging up (favourite sweater, socks and all) and going for more tea until I’m warm all the way through!


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