Week 2 of 5 in 5

I made it through my first week of my 5 in 5 challenge – I seem to have lost everyone else but I’m still plodding along because ultimately, this is my own challenge to get myself going.

So last week, even though I started a day late, I got my 5 workout in. I counted my hour of bellydancing because damn, my body ached all over the next day. It’s hard work – keeping your knees bent and moving your hips in ways you just don’t move them in everyday life. It’s fun, but hard. So yeah, I counted the hour as a workout.

This week has started well too. I got my class in on Monday, which turned into a personal training session, since the other girl didn’t show up. I love free personal training sessions – I really should pony up for more sessions. My only issue is that the trainer doesn’t ALWAYS push me to my limits and we only have 30 minutes. I’d love longer sessions.

Yesterday I decided to get off my ass and I went to a 30 minute “Tummy Trimmer” session, so 30 minutes of core work. It started off fairly easy as my core is pretty strong, but there were definitely some exercises that pushed me. My body was tired last night and I’m a little achy today, which is awesome.

I’ll be back at the gym tonight, probably just for some cardio, but we’ll see. My workload is annoyingly light at the moment, so I have plenty of time for working out! Plus we’re having people over on Sunday afternoon, so I have a ton of cleaning to do.

How are your workouts going?


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