It’ll all come tumbling down

I have a fear. It’s a fear I think many of us share.

It’s the fear that if I stop and rest and take my eye off the ball, it’ll all come tumbling down.

I’ll regain all the weight. Lose the muscle and strength. Overnight.

Now, logically, I KNOW this is not true. I know that I have better habits and a healthier lifestyle and that if I take a day off here and there it won’t come crashing down around me.

But my fear is that one day turns into one week turns into one month and then suddenly, it’s a year, two years, five years and I’m back up there. Starting all over.

Last night the cold that’s been threatening to break for the last 3 days finally broke. I felt horrid. I felt worse this morning and have taken it easy most of the day. But I had my gym weigh in tonight and my boxing class and I was determined to go. Because it’s only week 2 of my 5 in 5 challenge. And I took last night off.

The Boy was not impressed. But he said nothing. I finally cancelled the session after a marathon sneezing fit that left my heart racing and my eyes watering.

But I still felt lazy so I started doing some planks in the living room. Finally, he said something. Told me to stop. Told me that one day rest will not kill me. Take it easy. Rest your body. All these things I thought I knew how to do. But I still feel lazy.

My nose is getting a workout from all the sneezing. Can I count that?


2 thoughts on “It’ll all come tumbling down

  1. Yes he is right, don’t worry about your one day off, accept it has happened and move on. You’ll be fine. I understand the fear, I also have it, but I have learned that when I have one bad day I have to pick myself up and move on.
    You can do it!

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