When supposedly clever people are idiots

I logged into facebook yesterday and saw this status update in my live feed

Facebook status update

This was from someone in their 40s, well-educated and someone I consider intelligent. The comments on this update? All from similarly intelligent people and all agreeing with this update. That eating is BAD and if you don’t eat much, you’ll lose weight.

Well, duh you’ll lose weight. And yes, you’ll probably lose weight quickly initially but doing what worked for you in your 20s, almost 30 years ago, when your metobolism was different and when the information out there was different, is not an intelligent thing to do. It’s like saying that tanning was fine in your 20s, so you’ll do it again, even though you now know the dangers of skin cancer. Or smoking was fine and this whole lung cancer thing is baloney.

As The Boy says, when people are desperate, intelligent or not, they don’t always make intelligent decisions. And I understand that but seriously, I want to smack these people on the side of the head, a la Gibbs in NCIS. The poster was bragging about losing 4lbs in 3 days of this regime and I wanted to yell out

Of course you lost weight quickly. It’s water weight but this is not sustainable.

I wanted to comment about how she’s losing muscle and not fat and how this is not a sustainable way of life. I wanted to remind her that she didn’t gain the weight overnight and so losing it will take time. I wanted to ask her if she’s only relying on diet or if she’s lifting weights as well.

But after reading all the comments agreeing with her revolutionary regime and asking for tips or talking about how not eating at all during the day was the only way for them, I walked away. My comments and queries would not be welcomed and I would be pilloried as this young ‘un who know nothing.

Am I crazy or is this just, well, whacked?


4 thoughts on “When supposedly clever people are idiots

  1. I’m surprised by all the “enablers” that your friends know. It’s the same as that post of that person who decided to stop drinking water so they wouldn’t have to pass the donuts on the way to the kitchen! I would’ve thought that most people would say, “Well, actually…” even if it’s a “Yeah, I’ve been guilty of that too but I know that it’s not good for me” is better than “What a good idea! Got any tips?”

    I think one of the problems a lot of people have is that they value being skinny over being healthy.

    I don’t always eat breakfast but I certainly don’t encourage other people to follow my bad habits, nor would I tell anybody that it’s a “good idea”. And it wouldn’t make me feel any better if other people tried to tell me that it’s actually better for me that way, either, because I’d know they’d be full of it.

  2. What I don’t understand is how she says she is usually not hungry all day – then why does she have a weight problem to begin with. Surely if she isn’t hungry at all during the day, then she wouldn’t overeat anyway, so she wouldn’t have a weight problem.
    Anyone with half a brain knows that starving yourself is NOT the answer to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.
    No you’re not crazy, this is just whacked!

  3. I respectfully differ– I, personally, hate this style of eating and would be ready to chew my own leg off at 5 pm. Would definitely overeat. Would not lose weight. But there is the Intermittent Fasting crowd which does very well with this style. I think we fall in love with a current theory and assume it applies across the board. You all maybe too young for the “sugar’s fine, fat is bad” years, but that was the conventional wisdom for quite a while. This person’s body or eating style may simply differ from yours or mine. I have a slim-her-whole-life friend who says that eating breakfast just makes her hungrier– she does better without. Who am I to judge?

    • Fair enough! I wasn’t aware of the whole intermittent fasting theory (now going to research and google). I wasn’t controlling my own food during the “fat is bad” days but my mother was dieting and avoiding fat like that plague, so I remember it.

      I just question the wisdom of not eating for so long every day – and I wonder how they would be able to work out at all on that diet. But again, that could just be my experience (I’m a snacker and a eat-six-meals-a-day person).

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