Less is (apparently) more

I’ve been fighting with my skin for a while now. We’ve had a love hate relationship going on and to tell you the truth, it’s been slightly abusive at times.

I’ve abused my skin with cleansers and toners and moisterizers of all kinds. I’ve tried those for sensitive skin, normal skin, dry skin and combination skin. Each option produced different  (and sometimes worse) results. I used and abused my skin.

And then I was reading a site where someone posted about how they stopped washing their face altogether – just rinsed with water – and I was shocked. SHOCKED I tell you. This is sacrilege! Everyone knows you have to cleanse, tone and moisturize or else. (Or else what I’m not sure). I rolled my eyes and moved on.

But it got me thinking. So I started a little experiment. I tend to wear makeup and/or get my sweat on during the day, so I stuck with washing my face at night with something gentle, but I decided to stop washing my face in the morning. I would splash it with water in the shower and moisturise if I needed to, but no washing. I have a couple of spots which have been taking FOREVER to clear up and I figured I’d judge by those. If they got worse (or got friends), I’d go back to washing and abusing my skin. If there was any improvement AT ALL, I’d give it a little longer.

People. People. The spots are going. The redness is going. My skin is not paperthin dry or weirdly oily. It’s super soft. It’s not angry red at all. My pores are not clogged and my blackheads are going bye-bye.

This is a revelation. Now, I’m not advocating embracing the sweat and grime, but for me, this seems to be working. Two weeks in and my skin is going from strength to strength. Sure, there are still areas for improvement. But it showed me that sometimes, less is more. Less product, more result.

And in my round-about-way, I’m applying this to life in general and healthy living specifically. Sometimes we get so caught up in eating perfectly and working out perfectly that we get caught in a cycle of doing all the “right” things and achieving nothing other than getting frustrated. Sometimes it takes less – less stressing – to achieve more. Maybe you’re overtraining or undereating in your quest for perfection. Perhaps you need more than 1200 calories to lose weight – eat more, lose more. Or working out less – try not working out 2 hours a day everyday and see how that works for you. I was doing all the right things but they weren’t right for me. They were right for someone but not me. Sometimes it takes a while to find your “right”.

And in the meantime, be open to the idea that less could be more.

Hope all my US readers had a great 4th of July and are enjoying the long weekend!


4 thoughts on “Less is (apparently) more

  1. Its all about finding whats right for you… glad your skin is clearing for you. I think for me, I realize that I NEED to exercise, I cant lose weight if I dont exercise, BUT it takes a few weeks of exercising for my body to believe that I am actually going to keep doing it and therefore to start shedding the lbs. At least I think thats what I know, lol.

  2. Great post, Mandy. It’s something I needed to hear…it is about what’s finding what’s right for you…thanks 🙂 And good for you with your skin improving 🙂

  3. Oooh, I might try that. Like you, I work hard at my skin and wouldn’t dream of not doing the full care routine, but the results are only just acceptable. Right, a few mornings of splash-and-moisturise, and let’s see what happens.

    • Give it a shot – I found improvement after 2 or 3 days! My skin is usually weirdly dry and break-out prone and since then, it’s baby soft, which is lovely.

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