Has anyone seen my brain lately?

I may not have turned into Bridezilla yet (wait, just checking with The Boy … nope, not yet) but boy, have I been infected with wedding fever.

We may only be getting married in 3 months but boy, is there a lot to do! I have lists on my lists, and every time I cross something off, I add two more things to the bottom, so I’m officially getting nowhere fast.

I hear myself talk and it’s all weddings and I’m boring myself, so I can only imagine how The Boy must be feeling. In fact, he doesn’t have to actually say anything – I can tell from his silence, his occasional eye-rolls when I bring up the wedding favours for the ninth time.

I have conversations with my mother where I feel like I’m talking her down from a cliff – she has no concept of real costs sometimes, so she freaks out at prices (but only things she has no idea about so can’t compute them really) and then I talk her down and she realises that it’s not a train-smash. But then when I’m off the phone with her, someone has to calm me down and that’s The Boy’s job. Poor guy. Yesterday there was a moment where it looked like the price of the reception per head had gone up and I mentioned to her that I noticed the price difference and was chasing it up, but not to worry because we signed paperwork last year with the lower price. She freaked out. There was no reason to freak out. But she did, so I had to calm her down. That was fun.

Sometimes I think she needs a holiday. No, I know she does.

So now I’m thinking about wedding favours, invitations, bridesmaid stuff AND I’m working on a gift for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary which is 3 days after the wedding. I’m nuts. I’m officially nuts. Because in all this? I still have to actually work. Somewhere along the line. And exercise. And eat well. And sleep properly without dreaming about gift registries or first dances or ANYTHING WEDDING RELATED.

Other than the honeymoon of course. I’m definitely open to dreaming and thinking about that.


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