Adventures in domestic life

The Boy’s car wouldn’t start last night so he took mine. It still wouldn’t start this morning, so my little red car is in the city, in an office car park, while I languish at home, waiting for the AA to come and replace The Boy’s car battery. I’m good like that.

At the same time, I have dinner going in the slow-cooker (and damn, it already smells delish and it’s only 10am).

I’ve answered a bunch of emails, opened the programs to get some work done, aired the apartment out because it was a little stuffy with the heater on but the sun out and the fresh air all clamouring to come inside.

We chose our gift registry for the wedding on the weekend and I can’t recommend The Homestore in Newmarket enough – Mike helped us and he was AWESOME. He made the whole experience an absolute pleasure – even The Boy was raving about him. We picked a lot of stuff and I have no doubt a lot will be left over, but there’s a lot of stuff we actually need. Like good cutlery, and dishes, and a bread board, and ramekins and vases and platters. We got a lot of awesome stuff for our engagement but really, I moved in with a BOY. He had almost nothing. I brought very little.

Kevin McCloud - can I travel with you please?

I approved the wording for the invitations last night. I ordered the cake topper, the bridesmaid gifts, found some awesome ties for the groomsmen, lost my mind with my mother, had to be talked down by The Boy and calmed down watching the awesome Kevin McCloud while eating dark peppermint chocolate.

Nigella Lawson "How To Eat"

I have a Nigella Lawson book next to my bed and I’m drinking in her domestic goddess qualities while cringing at the oil, butter and sugar in all her recipes. But salivating at the same time.

And really, what more could I ask for? Other than the AA guy to please hurry up!


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