Whirling through the week

I’ve just spent a week in Melbourne fully immersed in Wedding Planning. Yes, that requires capital letters, despite what any editing checklist tells me.

I arrived in Melbourne last Sunday and had a dressing fitting, a hair trial, a centrepiece appointment. A chose some jewelery to wear for the wedding and discovered that my conservative grandmother and I had the same taste in jewelery, since everything I liked was her’s. It’s a nice way to have her close to me on the day. Even though she died 2 years ago and never met The Boy, I know she’d be thrilled.

I did a bunch of other things too boring to talk about really, but it was a massively productive week. It was also a long week – me, my parents and wedding planning. Not something I’d wish on many people. The Boy arrived on Friday night and managed to diffuse the stress. Really, he seems to know just what to say. And also, he managed to keep me warm since the end room we were sleeping in was FREEZING. Damn south facing bedroom in Melbourne winter.

I took my exercise clothes and shoes with me but alas, they stayed in the suitcase all week. My original excuse was that I’d forgotten to bring a sports bra with me but then The Boy brought one in his case for me on my instructions and yet I still did nothing with it. And it’s not as though I didn’t have time. We were busy busy busy but there were pockets of time. So I admit this: I had no excuse.

I also had no excuse last week for not exercising. And this week the sloth must stop. I will get to the gym this week. I will get some movement in this week. It’s a busy week but nothing stopping me from moving.

At least I didn’t eat TOO badly this week – a few yummy ginger biscuits (or cookies for my US friends), some mars bar ice-cream (too yummy to pass up) and a bag of sour lollies. Oh, and half a burrito and too many nachos at Mexican last night.

On second thought, maybe the eating wasn’t that great either. Hmmmm … this week I will redeem myself, get back onto that course I write about and all will be good.

How’s your week been?


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