Let the sun shine

The last two weeks were tough. I was – let’s not mince words here – depressed. I was lonely and struggling with boring work that would normally be something I’d get an assistant to do. I felt quite hopeless that things would ever change.

I had a few crying/shouting/grumpy jags and was not pleasant to live with. The Boy deserves a medal for putting up with me.

But we talked. And talked. And then talked some more. There may have been some heated discussions – heck, I’m emotional at the best of times, so add some angst and the tears just fall. But I’d like to think that we talked it out and worked out some things.

I also spent the week in Melbourne and despite the stress of wedding planning, it was the best thing for me. I feel so rejuvenated this week. I feel hopeful. There’s a plan in place. Things are not going to change overnight – they never do – but it’s funny, once I have a plan in place, I can deal with things better.

And I came home to a blogging opportunity (unpaid but great experience), a last minute spot in a great writing workshop I was bummed to miss out on, and blue skies and sunshine. It’s still winter but it’s showing signs of spring, and that’s a good thing.

And tonight, we’re out for dinner with friends and tomorrow I’m back at the gym. New week, new outlook.


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