Stuck on a germ train

Last week when we were flying home from Melbourne, I had a middle seat.

I don’t mind a middle seat in normal circumstances.

But these were not normal circumstances. I had The Boy next to me, recovering from his cold, and I had Mr Germy McGermison on the other side, coughing up a lung and not covering his mouth (I blame his kindergarten teacher for not teaching him to cough into his elbow!). I was doomed.

I was trapped on the germ train with no escape for 4 hours and 10 minutes.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised that Thursday night started the blocked nose and sniffles and Friday morning introduced the sore throat, sneezing fits and general malaise, otherwise known as I want to be pampered and I want to complain.

This is not an easy task to accomplish when your loving partner is at work and you work alone. I whinged to myself, then called my parents to whinge some more and lay on the couch, feeling sorry for myself.

Last night was the longest night in history. I base this on the fact that I kept waking up due to my sore throat and every time I woke up it was still night. This could be due to the fact that I was in bed at 9:30pm or that my long sleeping jags were in fact only 30 minutes at a time, but still. Longest Night Ever.

So today, board game plans with friends have been cancelled, pj’s are still on and I’m now coughing as well as spluttering, with a suitable sexy voice to boot.

Anyone want to send chicken soup or any other family cold remedies?

And why does it sound like I’m talking in a tunnel?


5 thoughts on “Stuck on a germ train

    • As soon as the guy sat down next to me and starting hacking up a lung, I knew it was going o be tough to avoid the germs. I tried to take a bunch of vitamins when I got home but I obviously was a little late.

      Two days of sniffling and I’m on the road to recovery. Still not 100% (that annoying clicking in my ear!) but getting there.

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