Falling down and getting right back up

I just had a LOVELY 5 days in Wanaka with my bestest BFFs, The Boy, and one of said BFF’s boyfriend. The five of us stayed in a very nice townhouse that made our little shoebox look even more shoeboxy and I was tempted to pick up the entire place and move it back here. Luckily for it, the water pressure was TERRIBLE so I left it there and returned to our little shoebox that has a great shower. Good showers are very important people. Very Very important.

I took my laptop with me and I intended to do some work while I was there. I really did.

I also took my running shoes and I tended to exercise like the devil while I was there. I really did.

Instead. we stocked up on junk food and drove for hours from Christchurch with me in the middle seat and I ate like the devil while I was there. I really did. 😦

And strangely enough, one day of snowboarding did not burn all the calories from the above mentioned junk food. I didn’t drink nearly enough water for the first few days until I suddenly clicked and started chugging like there was no tomorrow. I ate way too many carbs. I’m not all low-carb normally but bread at every single meal is way too much for me. I snacked on chips and cheeses (brie is heavenly) and did not move nearly enough to combat it all.

I weighed myself this morning and I’m up. Let’s not advertise by how much (okay FINE, I’m up by about 2lbs which is nothing but still, that’s on top of the 2lbs I’ve gained in the last 2 weeks) but more importantly, I’ve been missing healthy food. Food cooked without lashings of oil, which tastes yummy but sits so badly. I’ve missed fresh fruit over chips and chocolates. I’ve missed water over wine.

While normally I’d promise to be back at it immediately, I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow for 3 days so I really only have today at home, which is filled with work and laundry and packing and returning library books. But I can start with the food. I can start from the start and get back to where I want to be, which is healthy and not bloated.

I’m sitting here with a cup of hot water with lemon and I’ll have some oats for brekkie in a bit. And then I’m walking to the library to return my books. And my body will be a little happier and so will I.

Oh, and I love snowboarding!


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