Panic Stations

The wedding is now 7 weeks away and counting and the stress has ratcheted up about a billion percent. Everytime I think I’m over a particular hurdle, it rears its ugly head again.

Take, for example, the invitations. There was much stress and gnashing of teeth as they were delayed for reasons beyond my control. Then they were out. Done. Sent. Out of my hands. Until my mother wanted to add a few people. And then we discovered that a couple of the addresses on the ABSOLUTELY FINAL list were wrong. And then this morning, my lovely fiancé decided to send some invitations to his relatives overseas, who were originally on the list and then off the list. I’m down to minus 3 invitations, which prompted an email to the lovely girl who made them for me to make some more. Plus an email to the brother-in-law-to-be asking if he’d mind donating his invite back to the pile. Tacky, perhaps. But totally necessary.

And then there’s my dress. It’s gorgeous. Takes my breath away every time. The cost of the alterations does that too. Every fitting is more. And they really get you by quoting a price and then adding more every time. I flew to Melbourne for 3 days last week mainly for a fitting and considering how much needed to be done, I’m glad I did. But I doubt it’ll be ready to pick up at the next appointment (despite their assurances) and so I’m building time in for more. I’m all about the Plan B.

Of course, because of that little trip to Melbourne last week, I have tons of work to catch up on, and so today has been a bit of panic stations for me.  I have lists in my head but every time I sit down to write them down, I think of something else that NEEDS to be done. And I’m off again.

And eating well and exercising? Yeah RIGHT. Where the HECK do they fit in? I did get an Ad break workout in last night and realised that ad breaks are seriously LONG. But otherwise, it’s tough. I’m battling the stress monster that wants chips and chocolates and snacks galore instead of meals. But I did also go for a walk yesterday afternoon, so it’s not ALL bad. Right?


3 thoughts on “Panic Stations

  1. Just breathe! After going through wedding stress and looking back on it, here’s my advice
    – Can you delegate anything ????

    It will all come together I assure you , but try and enjoy these last few weeks of planning.

    Hugs, take care of yourself !

    • Oh, I am delegating but I also need to believe that the people I’m delegating to will actually DO something. There are just days where it all seems like a lot to do in addition to all the work I need to catch up on. I’m looking forward to it all but also looking forward to coming home, married, at the end of it all.

  2. so exciting and I know SO FREAKIN FRAZZLETASTIC

    I couldnt handle it 🙂 which is why I caved and did justice of peace.

    this is all so very worth it —as you know—-and like childbirth 🙂 you will never remember the stress.
    just the great day as a result of all your work.


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