30 days of Me: 15 things about me

Today’s prompt is to post a recent photo and 15 interesting things about me. I can’t promise these are interesting but here goes!

Me and The Boy

  1. I have lived on 4 continents – born in South Africa, moved to Australia when I was 15, spent 3 months living in Switzerland at 17, moved to Canada at 27 and now I’m living in New Zealand. Get me to Asia and South America and the world will be closer to being done!
  2. I have 2 scars on my forehead from childhood injuries. One where a gate attacked me (by closing on me as I was going through it) and one where the garden tap attacked me for trying to get the hose disconnected. The one where the plastic surgeon did his “best” work is the worst scar.
  3. I hate pain and have avoided bikini waxes for a long long time but I’m going for one today (someone virtually hold my hand and Newmarket, forgive me for my screams of agony)
  4. I’ve always been the “skinny” friend, even at my heaviest, but I was also always the unfit friend. Skinny does not equal fit!
  5. The longest relationship I’ve ever been in is my current relationship – 18 months so far. Before that? 3 months! I was a classic commitment-phobe and I told The Boy that on our 2nd date (luckily, he hung around)
  6. I have one older brother who tormented me through my childhood and I’m super proud of him for finally finding his dream job and going for it. He’s a prime example of never giving up on a dream, even if it takes you a few years to get the courage up to go for it. He dreamed of being a cop from childhood and finally he’s living that dream.
  7. I live next door to a kindergarten and let me tell you, this is the best form of contraception I’ve ever experienced. Hearing all those screaming kids makes my ovaries shut up shop for the moment.
  8. I loathe the taste of licorice and The Boy loves it. If you ever see him trying to give me a kiss and me running away, he’s just eaten the wretched stuff.
  9. I love buying pens – black pens, blue pens, coloured pens. I type all day but I love to write with a pen.
  10. I once had a TERRIBLE haircut that gave me a mini-mullet. It took one emergency fix-it hair cut and many years to grow out. And I am now very careful with hairdressers.
  11. I was the goody-two-shoes at school. I probably would have hated myself if I met me as a kid now. A little too good. But I rebelled against my brother’s not-so-goody-two-shoes side.
  12. I crave sunshine. It can be freezing cold but as long as the sun is out, I’m happy. Grey skies depress me.
  13. I suffered from depression for about 3 years and got out of it slowly but surely. I still fall sometimes but I recognise the symptoms and usually get out of it quickly.
  14. I’m Jewish and I love the traditions and rituals that go along with it. I love the family stuff, even if family is frustrating sometimes.
  15. I’ve worn glasses for about 8 years although I should have been wearing them much sooner. I’m surprised that I didn’t have any accidents before I had my eye test.

And that’s me, in fifteen points.


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