#30daysofme Day 3: Me and my people

The topic for day 3 is simple: a photo of you and your friends. But I have different groups of friends, so here are a few photos. I couldn’t only post one!

Me and Tammy

Me with Tammy

Tammy is my Canadian BFF – she was my lifeline while I was living in Canada. My roommate, my shoulder to lean on.

Me and my peeps

Me and my peeps

These are a few of my Canadian pals from work over there. I miss them like MAD and really wish they would all win the lottery and fly over for my wedding. I don’t care what else they do with the money.

Me and Anna

Me and my Melbourne BFF - Anna

And last, but not least, representing my Melbournian friends, Anna. My Soulmate. My BFF for life. I apparently accosted her in our first weeks of Photography College years ago, we went travelling together after knowing each other for a few months and somehow survived to tell the tale. Don’t know what I’d do without her sometimes.

And there you have it. Photos of me with my friends. Not all of them, but a representation for sure.


2 thoughts on “#30daysofme Day 3: Me and my people

    • My parents didn’t used to “get” our friendship as we’re VERY different in a lot of ways but no matter where I live, she’s a constant in my life.

      Those kind of friendships sneak up on you in the weirdest places so your anna is out there 🙂

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