#30daysofme Day 4: A habit to kick to the curb

Today’s topic is a habit that I wish I didn’t have. Well, that’s super easy.

I am a Master Procrastinator.

I am inherently lazy and I will spend time making lists about all the things I have to do instead of actually doing them. I get a bit of analysis paralysis and end up doing nothing and getting stressed. And every single time I do this I promise to never never ever do it again.

And then I do. Over and over.

You’d think I’d learn by now. Really. You’d think I’d learn that I cause myself extra stress, even though it all gets done in the end. Which is why I’m posting this post first thing this morning. Because I know otherwise the day will get the best of me and I’ll think about posting it and then not. And then tomorrow I would feel silly, and slightly guilty for some reason, for missing a day of #30daysofme, so I’d stop posting altogether and voila, there goes the whole thing. Down the drain.

I know I’m not the only one with this habit – heck, I read a bunch of #30daysofme posts yesterday (check out the hashtag on twitter) and a lot of people claimed this as their habit. This or biting their nails. I can’t claim that one so they’re clear to have it.

I think I’ll get another blogroll going for all my #30daysofme peeps but beware, it’s LONG since there are about 73 people doing it at this stage. You should too.


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