#30daysofme Day 5: Oh the places I’ve been!

So, today’s topic is to post a photo of a place I’ve been. This is not an easy thing to choose you know. I’ve travelled a bit in my life and every place has a story, a memory, some laughs. I love to travel. I really really do.

But this photo is of somewhere special.

I left my heart in San Francisco

Years and years ago my father went on a business trip and came home with a present for me. It was a wind up wooden trolley car that played “I left my heart in San Francisco”. I loved that little present. It represented another place I would go one day.

I went there last year, to meet up with The Boy for my brithday. As readers of this blog may remember, that was also the trip where I got myself a little ring on my left hand. The Boy proposed in San Francisco and so, I left a little of my heart there. One day, we’ll go back.

It may not be an exotic place, but it’s a special place.

/end of soppiness


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