#30daysofme Day 6: Will you be my hero?

This is a tough one.

Who’s my favourite superhero and why.

I’ve never been a superhero type of person. I read Archie and Jughead comics as a kid, not Batman or Superman.

My first thought of superhero was actually Supergirl. Mainly because I remember watching the movie as a kid and thinking that this was the first superhero I knew who was a girl. Not a woman. A girl. Because I was a girl. Seriously, I think I was about 7 at the time. And I remember very little about the movie except that she was blonde and probably in her teens. And pretty. And powerful and I wanted to be her.

So yeah, Supergirl.

(holy crappola, this is a BAD post. Apologies. I promise, I’ll be back on funny form tomorrow. Or just on form if you don’t find me funny at all!)


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