#30daysofme Day 8: Go for the goal

Today’s topic: what are my short term goals for the month and why.

Well, the month is half over so I’m going to cheat and give my goals for the next 30 days instead.

  1. Do not go insane and turn into bridezilla – the wedding is now 5 1/2 weeks away and I’m seeing more and more how brides turn into bridezilla. Not that I’m heading there (at least I don’t think so) but I understand more than I ever did.
  2. Maintain my weight – I don’t know how brides plan on losing weight before the wedding, what with everything going on and things to plan and do and think of and WAKE UP AT NIGHT about. Me? Stressed? NOOOOooooo
  3. Exercise at least 3 times a week – I know it’s good for my body, mind and soul so it’s on the list. At this stage, my workouts are doing the 30 Day Shred, since it’s quick and I have it loaded on the Apple TV so I have no excuse not to do it. It makes me feel better to get my sweat on and since going to the gym is not happening, this is good.
  4. Start to meditate – I want to spend at least 10 minutes every day meditating because all this brain chatter is not helping me sleep or rest easy.
  5. Get my car back from the FRACKING panel beaters – because it’s been almost 4 frigging weeks since the stoopid idiot hit my innocently parked car and I want her back.

That’s about it. Short and sweet (and the list is too!). And do-able, I think. What do you think?


One thought on “#30daysofme Day 8: Go for the goal

  1. Good luck in the lead up to your wedding!! I remember that time all too well. It was equal parts exciting, equal parts “OMFG – We’re all gonna explode!!!!”
    When I was most stressed (like the time the alterations lady literally MANGLED my wedding dress) I just reminded myself that on the day I would be so happy and go with the flow and it was the most amazing day ever – I was so relaxed. It made everything seem worth it (without having to go to Bridezilla lengths)!
    All the best! xx

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